No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha

The Earthy One


Bottle size: 330ml

"It's like having a beer that does you good!"

  • Sparkling, craft-brewed and a Great Taste Award 2017 winner, the distinctively earthy and smoky Yunnan Black kombucha tea is naturally full of good stuff and it will also sit nicely beside you at the dinner table.

    No.1 STYLE:

    • DARK & SMOKY


    From the first tea tree

    This tea takes us back to the very beginning, to the birthplace of the first tea tree, the Yunnan province of China.

    Made with only the finest ethically-sourced teas. We don't flavour. We don't spice. We just draw out the natural aromatics in excellent teas - so you can taste the real flavours.  Our original, the No.1 Yunnan Black, is an award-winning kombucha ( Great Taste Award 2017 ) and was a finalist in the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards 2017.

  • Serve chilled as a drink on its own at any time of day, the No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha is akin to an alcohol free beer and is particularly good after dark.

    Food pairing: Tea is as good a match with food as wine is. If you are having a robust Sunday lunch then this will work beautifully. No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha also goes well with curries, pies, and cheese. 

    See also our blog post on kombucha as a beer alternative.

  • STORE COOL. Left Field Kombucha is an unpasteurised drink. It should be kept cool.

    Suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

    Ingredients: Tea infusion (water, sugar, Yunnan black tea), and a natural fermentation culture.

    Typical values per 100ml:

    Energy 60kJ/14kcal; Fat 0.1g of which saturates 0.0g; Carbohydrate 3.2g, of which sugars 3.2g; Protein 0.1g; Salt 0.0g

     That's why we call it healthy fizz!

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