Kombucha Subscription Box

Subscribe and Save! 

Save time and £.

5% off every order. Set it. Forget it. Enjoy it...

Yes, get 5% off your subscriptions for as long as you stay subscribed. Go on, you know you want to!

What's on offer

A completely flexible subscription to suit you. 
Buy a subscription of Left Field Kombucha and save time and £.

How to buy:

  • Go to the product page: Simply choose the Subscribe & Save option from the Buying Options.  Your discount will automatically be applied.
  • You choose how often you want a delivery, from 1 per week up to 1 every 8 weeks (and anything in between).
  • You can manage your subscription. You will need to create a password to do this. Just log in/or sign up with a password to access your account:
  • We will send you a fresh case of kombucha to arrive with you weekly, monthly, however often you like. 
  • You can skip orders and cancel at any time. Easy peasy!

Why to buy:

  • Take the hassle out of reordering and let us do the hard work. You don't have to lift a finger, just a glass!
  • Remember we are always at the end of the email/phone/social media. 

The owls await your instruction...