Our story

About Left Field Kombucha: the story of the healthiest fizz in your fridge

Left Field Kombucha founders mugshotsSupporting our entry, the No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha tea, a finalist in the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards 2017

You take a beer brewer and a whole load of good tea...

Established in 2016, Left Field Kombucha is powered by two. Left Field Kombucha is a UK craft brewer of kombucha tea based in the tea smuggling coastal town of Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders. Here’s a little more information about us...

Him: The brewing one

Geraint is a former beer brewer (who cut his yeasty teeth at Sharps Brewery, of Doom Bar fame, in Cornwall, under the well known expert brewer, Stuart Howe), turned scientist (graduating from Strathclyde Uni). He is now restored to brewer of tea. 

Her: The booze free one

Jo comes from an arts background. Having spent time working with organisations to help them ensure their message is conveyed, she now does it here, and from a base back in her native Scotland.

Why kombucha?

When we set up we found there was a huge gap in interesting tea drinks. Also, everything out there was so sugary, and was adulterated by flavourings or spices. Inspired by beer brewing and fermented foods we wanted something natural that was wholly better for us. We also wanted an alternative to an alcoholic drink or coffee which still packed a real, feel good punch… and we found KOMBUCHA. We have always been tea lovers anyway and the chance to develop something pure, using only the finest teas, was just too hard to resist.

With our two bearded hounds, two year old son, and expecting our second small person, we packed up our life in Kent, returned to native Scotland, got a house with a view of straw bales, rogue sheep, and a nightly flyby from a barn owl (there’s our logo inspiration complete with tea leaf wing), and began to make fermented tea.

We then established the first kombucha brewery in Scotland  in the heart of tea smuggling; the coastal town of Eyemouth. Left Field Kombucha. Tea redefined. 

Our healthy fizz

Swig it before the morning yoga, with breakfast, after adventurous pursuits, having a drink or food with friends, or whilst reading a book. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working for you.

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