No.2 Sencha Green kombucha

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Bottle size: 330ml

  • The one the BBC Good Food team called "Really something special, and well worthy of a toast!".

  • The sparkling No.2 Sencha Green kombucha tea (Great Taste Award winner 2019) is made with the finest organic sencha tea. It has a complex flavour profile, and is as fresh as the spring morning the tea was harvested.  The tea, which contains both the stems and the leaves, is enriched by the inclement coastal weather of Shizuoka.

  • As featured in the BBC Good Food "Best kombucha 2019".

    The Great Taste Award 2019 judges said:

    "What a wonderful flavour. So well balanced with fruity zesty notes along with some savoury notes which are producing a fabulous refreshing drink.
    Fresh and lively, cleansing on the palate and with a burst of freshness."

  •  No.2 STYLE:

    • ZESTY

    TEA ORIGIN:  Shizouka, Honshu, Japan

  • Serve chilled as a drink on its own at any time of day.

    Store Cool. Left Field Kombucha is an unpasteurised drink. To retain its goodness, it shoul be kept cool.

    Suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

    Food pairing: Tea is as good a match with food as wine is. This kombucha is excellent with sushi, asparagus, and everything in between.

  • Ingredients: Tea infusion (water, sugar, Sencha Kukicha Green tea), and a natural fermentation culture.

    Typical values per 100ml:

    Energy 60kJ/14kcal; Fat 0.1g of which saturates 0.0g; Carbohydrate 3.2g, of which sugars 3.2g; Protein 0.1g; Salt 0.0g

     That's why we call it healthy fizz!

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