NEW National Kombucha Day: Left Field Kombucha Tastings Galore in Eteaket

by Jo Easingwood Roberts May 17, 2018

NEW National Kombucha Day: Left Field Kombucha Tastings Galore in Eteaket

Giving tea a healthy fizz as Left Field Kombucha headlines at eteaket Concept Store on 22nd May 1-4pm

The brainchild of Tried & Tested TV, National Kombucha Day, brings the top UK kombucha brewers together for a national free tasting day extravaganza. Left Field Kombucha, the pioneering 1st kombucha brewery in Scotland, has teamed up with renowned tea experts, eteaket, in their concept store in the heart of Edinburgh with free tastings and more in store from 1-4pm onTuesday 22nd May. Offering tastings of the finest sparkling fermented teas (including the top kombucha brands), along with nibbles on the day, this is open to all and a must for anyone with the love of tea.

What is kombucha tea?

Kombucha is a fermented tea, made with a scoby (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and is an ancient beverage, with Asian roots, where it was revered as the “tea of immortality”. Kombucha has been highlighted recently as one of the key wellness trends of 2018[1] in the UK. Fermented food and drinks are known for their beneficial gut health properties, and kombucha is at the forefront of the trend. As the Left Field team says, Kombucha has been consumed in East Asia for centuries as a healthy home-made tonic – 2,000 years of evolved culture can’t be wrong!

What is National Kombucha Day?

The brainchild of new TV series, Tried & Tested TV, it sees top UK kombucha brands coming together to celebrate kombucha and explain more about this drink, hugely popular Stateside, but only just becoming more known here in the UK. Andrew Mellon, the man behind it all, having recently returned from living in Los Angeles, and knowing how popular kombucha is there, wanted to spread the word of kombucha far and wide.

Two leading Scottish brands: Left Field Kombucha makes its kombucha from only the finest tea, and so eteaket were the obvious choice to collaborate with on National Kombucha Day. As Jo Easingwood Roberts, Co-founder of Left Field Kombucha says “eteaket teas are first class and we make our kombucha with only premium ethically-sourced teas, and so we were definitely each other’s cup of tea (or glass of sparkling tea!)”. Angela Lyons, General Manager at eteaket agrees “We love to see what tea can do, and this event will do just that, with Left Field in our store”

About Left Field Kombucha

Left Field Kombucha, a family business, was co-founded in 2016, and is the first commercial kombucha brewery in Scotland. In 2017 Left Field Kombucha was a finalist in the Scotland Food & Drinks Excellence Awards and also received its first Great Taste Award for its No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha tea. Left Field Kombucha also recently featured on BBC Landward (April 2018).For enquiries please contact LFK on

About eteaket

eteaket was started in 2008 by ex-lawyer  Erica Moore, she had a passion for proper ethical leaf tea, and is on a mission to connect people and create moments through the joy of whole leaf tea. eteaket now has an online speciality tea store with a Concept Store, Tea Room and a thriving Wholesale Service. Our team and tea tribe continues to grow and we’d love you to join us on our journey. For further enquiries please contact us at , 0131 2261292


Jo Easingwood Roberts
Jo Easingwood Roberts


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