Radiant skin? It's all a mask I tell you. A kombucha face mask that is.

by Jo Easingwood Roberts July 11, 2017

Kombucha face mask

There is much research and anecdotal evidence about the positive effects probiotics can have on your health. The bacteria, healthy yeasts and acetic acids in kombucha  (particularly in black tea kombucha - oh, yes, we have two varieties here #shamelessadvertising) are reported to help populate the gut with probiotic flora to aid in digestion and it may be rather a stretch to say that kombucha is the elixir of life entirely, there's certainly considerable indicators of the benefits. And, if effects are possible in the person, then on the person is not much of a leap. Is a kombucha face mask a step too far or a natural skincare marvel?

Scoby from kombucha for a face maskCome to mumma!

Imagine yourself in one of the following scenarios/or add as appropriate...

Do you lose count of the amount of times people ask your age and are surprised when you respond? They stare incredulously at you and say "Really? You're 50, but you look 30".  Or, you've been up all night studying for that exam, or partying on the Amalfi coast till 6am for a week, and someone remarks "You lie to me, I say, your skin is glowing!". Well, it could be that your kombucha imbibing is doing marvels for you. Let's drink to that.

Radiant skin from a kombucha face mask  (lets get topical)

Maybe if it is good to drink kombucha (and take in all manner of probiotic gooodies), how about we get sustainable, let's take a green approach and utilise more of the goodness that kombucha has to offer? Yes, it appears people have and do use their own kombucha Scoby (the Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast that is at the heart of kombucha and gives it its healthy kick) on their skin as a topical probiotic face mask/peel.

Sex Ap-peel?

It may make one approach such a thing with trepidation for anyone who recalls Samantha in a certain Sex and the City episode. But results would indicate the positive effects of the, erm, 'Booch Bloom' look. From those who have used the kombucha SCOBY mask idea, there are reports of softer skin plus taming of unruly skin complaints. It is also vegan. It is also fair to say that as part of a natural skincare routine, it ain't half bad. And far cheaper than Samantha's choice.

Tried and tested

I have tried this with one of our small scobies and can report there was no chemical peel after effects, just lovely nourished skin. I love the natural idea of this, and will be carrying on adding it to my skincare routine. It's not everyone who can say their husband made them their face mask, now, is it??

 Jo, Co-founder Left Field Kombucha with owl mug

Interesting sites with more info:

With the size of one SCOBY in our brewery we could potentially make an entire rugby squad radiant in one sitting!

All a bit much?

But if all this DIY kombucha face mask and brewing malarkey is just a bit much, then pop to our online shop, grab some kombucha there, and drink the goodness instead.

Main pic credit: Alexandru Zdrobău. The rest by us.


Jo Easingwood Roberts
Jo Easingwood Roberts


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