Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is easily the most popular drink on the planet and that is not surprising as tea tastes great and gives you the boost you need to get your day going. People turn to tea for a variety of reasons, whether culturally minded or as a means to limit caffeine consumption, but not surprisingly, most people turn to tea for its many health benefits. If you have ever been curious about the benefits of tea, here are just a few benefits you can experience just from refilling your tea cup.

High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are what keep damage causing free radicals from over taking your body’s systems. Foods rich in antioxidants have been linked to preventing cancer cells from forming in the human body and tea is one of the best resources for vital antioxidants. Drinking tea makes it easy to get the antioxidants you need for a healthier life.

Anti-Aging Properties

It is impossible to stop the clock and prevent aging completely, but tea can help you prevent certain signs of aging from taking over. Polyphenols are found in tea and have been linked to reversing the signs of aging in skin. These polyphenols have also been linked in scientific studies to delay muscular degeneration and loss of vision in aging patients.

Depression Support

Depression is a real thing that affects well over 300 million people annually and that is only the number of people that seek help for their depression. Treatments for depression range drastically depending on how severe the depression is. Generally, a prescribed dose of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are common medical treatments for the condition and these drugs can have side effects some people are just not willing to contend with. However, treatment for depression may actually lie in the calming nature of tea. Research shows that those who consume tea regularly drastically reduce their risk of developing depression symptoms.

Gives You Energy

Feeling tired and drained throughout the day is common among people today. Life, in general can be very stressful leaving you feeling like you need to rest. When feeling this way, the solution is not in some energy drink, but the revitalizing affects of tea. Caffeine, tannins, and alkaloids within teas provide a natural and highly effective stimulant for the body. Tea if a far healthier solution for that drained feeling you experience throughout the day.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation in our bodies can be attributed to a lot of factors including arthritis. Few medications can actually relieve inflammation and those that do, especially the over the counter varieties such as ibuprofen, have been linked to liver disease. Polyphenols in teas have natural inflammatory attributes without the risk to vital organs in your body.

Blood Clot Prevention

Blood clots are a common issue that millions of people face each year and out of those millions, up to 300,000 will die from blood clots reaching vital organs of the body. Diagnosing blood clots can be a tricky process as they do not always have symptoms associated with them. The key with blood clots at any age is prevention and green tea is the ideal preventative assistant you have been looking for. Antioxidant qualities in green tea have shown to prevent the formation of blood clots, so if your family has a history of them, you might want to drink a good dose of green tea daily.

Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stones can strike anyone at anytime and if you have ever experienced these seemingly small horrible little things, you understand that preventing them should be at the top of your list. Kidney stones are, essentially, a clumping together of calcium deposits. Current research shows that over 850 million people each year experience kidney stones. Most kidney stones pass naturally with some severe pain involved, but more severe cases or larger stones must be surgically removed. Tea is the solution you have been looking for if kidney stones seem to be a part of your life. Phenols in tea surround calcium in the body to prevent clumping, ultimately preventing kidney stones.

The health benefits of tea are staggering and these are just a sampling of what adding tea to your diet can do for your overall health. Take some time and evaluate yourself. If you have yet to embrace the wonderful health qualities of tea, consider adding it to your diet. Tea is an easy way to get vital nutrients and alleviate many common ailments the average person experience.

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