Give that soft drink a beer, it’s all grown up

How often do you look for a grown up drink, sans booze? A beer alternative that still gives you the same drinking experience?  If you’re like us, pretty often. When do you succeed in your quest? Not that much would be my guess.

Left Field Kombucha: the beer alternative

So, we launched our kombucha in a new brown glass bottle with a crown cap. We wrote about its craft nature. And we highlighted the USP of our beverage… It is all about the finest ethically-sourced teas (cue our kombucha tea in action). It is also raw, fermented, non-alcoholic, vegan, gluten-free, full of healthy probiotics (#healthyfizz), and contains no flavourings, but I digress. It is an adult soft drink. And some say an excellent beer alternative

Hands up who can name a soft drink for adults?

I have lost count of the times that I’ve resorted to sparkling water (no offence to makers of that fine option, btw), because soft drinks don’t cut it. They are often sweetened, sometimes artificial,  and generally messed with. One will suffice, that sugar coating on my teeth hasn’t disappeared by the next day, it didn’t go well as a pairing with my brunch option, and my stomach feels ready to burst.  Cue the fizzy water.

But I want what he or she’s having. I want the experience of the booze drinker,  the coffee connoisseur, and I am a serious tea lover… I want my choice to be equal. To be mature. To taste so bloody nice that I have another.

The drink to drink without a hangover

People often ask us about the health benefits of kombucha. There are many; they are vast, they are superb (and many are backed by credible scientific theory),  and our kombucha contains all those good things (for a little more on this visit the Dr… Dr Axe, that is). Please do let that be a reason for you to buy it. But hopefully it won’t be the only reason. Maybe it seems arrogant to suggest our stuff is more of an adult drink than many other soft drinks… But so often the soft drinks on the market are packaged and taste as if to appeal to children (not always a bad thing,  but our three year old happily quaffs kombucha over any soft drink).

The “behind the bar, not under it” beer alternative

I was talking to a friend of ours in Glasgow recently who is a non-drinking vegan. He explained the lack of interesting non-alcoholic options limited his desire to go out, but he would happily do so if kombucha was an option behind the bar. Would kombucha on tap appeal to you in one of  Glasgow’s well known vegan hangouts (see Stereo Cafe Bar)? Already it has made it into London spots thanks to kombucha brewers such as Jarr Kombucha, with its stylish modern bottles and its own kombucha taproom in Hackney.

Since writing this post our award-winning No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha tea has gone on draught in Hemelvaart Bier Cafe. They say there is nothing else like it. And the folks who run it know their beer. They specialise in Belgian beers. They love our buch, and their customers love it too.

So,  what am I saying? That grown up soft drinks can be, erm, grown up?  Well, yes. And they can contain just as interesting and complex flavours as a fine wine, whisky, or coffee (see the successful and 0lfactory bulb stimulating Seedlip drinks for starters). One of our customers, The Rialto Coffee Co, say they like our brew because of its “purist nature”, like an expertly brewed coffee. And, I’ll take mine without a pinch of sugar.

Get in touch and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

Main pic credit: Yutacar

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