Best hangover cure? Kombucha

A kombucha hangover cure?

Feeling rather torpid after a night out and wondering how to rebalance the scales? Kombucha could just be the thinking persons hair of the dog. It is full of nourishment which many think make it the best hangover cure or remedy around.

Kombucha: the thinking persons hair of the dog

While we cannot advocate having that big night out and wandering home at 2am in a rather less than straight manner, we can say that kombucha has a lot going for it in terms of restoring the system (have a read of Why Drink Kombucha for more information). Some people have written in to tell us that they choose a kombucha hangover cure. But don't take our word for it. The folks in Minneapolis say aye (well, maybe," yeah" instead) to the powers of kombucha. In the "Best of" listing in their City Pages, kombucha comes out top for hangovers.

For a natural way to fight that morning after feeling, some recommend packing a buch or two ahead of a night out or just before resting your slightly fuzzy head.


The gluconic acids in kombucha have a detoxifying effect so says Eric Childs, the founder of Kombucha Brooklyn, and author of a rather fine book on the subject of kombucha (which you can find on that large online retailer website), and if it is drunk concurrently with booze hilds suggests it can have a "reverse-toxmosis" effect.

It has also been observed by physicians that fermented foods in general have a positive effect after overindulgence. Fermented foods such as kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut contain naturally occurring B vitamins which are somewhat depleted when drinking.

What we think

Well, we can't say we don't enjoy a glass or two of something fine, heck, we tied the knot on Islay, the home of malt whisky in Scotland. What we can say is that there's no better way to spend your Sunday morning than with a big breakfast and a glass of kombucha. Nuff said.

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